The Do’s and Don’ts of Having a Holiday Wedding

If you’re attending a wedding during the months of November or December, it’s likely that the spirit of the holiday season will seep into your wedding and where you decide to have it. But as you’re likely aware, having during the holiday season can be a tricky proposition as people are already traveling a lot and have busy schedules. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind this holiday season.

If you’re having your wedding close to Thanksgiving, the December holidays, or the New Year, its wise to embrace the holiday spirit within your wedding theme itself. As the holiday spirit will everywhere outside your wedding, it can be a bit off-putting to go with an unseasonal theme. In addition, your wedding day is truly your special day and one you likely don’t want to forget, which is why holiday weddings are often unlikely. But if the holidays are when you want to get married, be sure to do so with a personal reason in place; if you met around the holidays or they’re just very important to you as a couple, then having a holiday wedding makes sense. If you’re just trying to capitalize on when people will be around, then you might want to hold off.

While it’s important to embrace the holiday within your decorations, you still want to add a personal touch while making use of seasonal touches like winter spices or a deep red color palette. Decorate your tables with seasonal flowers depending on the holiday that you’re overlapping with. If the wedding is in November then pumpkins and perhaps even a cornucopia will provide the perfect centerpiece. If your wedding is in December, then holiday flowers and maybe even a little mistletoe is in order. And don’t hesitate to serve some of the classic beverages such as eggnog or spiced cider to really get into the holiday marital spirit. And if you’re planning on a super romantic New Year’s Eve ceremony, then cocktail shrimp and champagne are just two of the many food and beverage options from which to choose.

Of course, your wedding day is about you first so don’t go too overboard with the holiday spirit. Guests should make no mistake that they’re entering a wedding, not a holiday party so on top of the more traditional wedding decorations, consider what personal touches you can inject into the ceremony and reception to make sure the focus is on you. Using a wedding specific hashtag will help your wedding photos taken by guests to stand out in social media amongst the many holiday-themes pictures. So if you want to have a holiday wedding, don’t hesitate to do so, but be smart about it in the process!

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