How to Incorporate Special Memories into Your Wedding



You and your future spouse have a lot of history together. Maybe you’ve known each other since childhood, or perhaps you just met a few months ago and had a whirlwind romances. Either way, there are memories that you’ve made together, special moments that you cherish— or you want to celebrate those Wedding Memories.

A Video or Photo Montage

One way to celebrate memories is to have your photographer or video expert put together a photo montage or a special video for you. You can show the video at your wedding reception or put it on your wedding website.

Musical Memories

Many couples have a special song, perhaps the song that was playing when they met or when the proposal happened. Others share a passion for a particular type of music. Maybe the two of you have been to a concert or a performance that was very important to you, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bring those memories back by asking the DJ or the band to play some of those songs for you during the reception.

Photo Booth Props

Are you planning to have a photo booth at the reception? Include fun backgrounds or props that bring back memories of activities you have enjoyed together as a couple. Perhaps you dressed up together for a Halloween party, spent time on a cruise, or did a camping trip together. If you get creative and have fun, your guests will too.

Wedding Decor

Your wedding decor can incorporate elements of your life together so far. If you both love to hike, you could go rustic and wild with the decor. Perhaps you’ve taken a trip together to Europe or to the Caribbean; you could reflect the atmosphere and culture of those places in the themes that you choose for the wedding.

Wedding Favors

Another great way to share memories at your wedding is through the wedding favors. Choose items that are significant to you and also represent value, usefulness, or enjoyment for your guests. Did your new husband ask if you wanted a piece of gum when you first met? Take everyone back to that humorous moment by giving out packages of gum, beautifully wrapped in a custom label that bears your photo and the date of your wedding. Did you meet at a bar? Give personalized wine glasses or beer mugs to all your guests. Or perhaps you spent a glorious summer at the beach, and you want to share a taste of that memorable holiday by offering every guest a flawless shell in a quaint mesh bag, with a “thanks for coming” note tucked in the shell.

Spend a few minutes— or a few hours— talking with your soon-to-be spouse about some favorite memories. Identify objects, sounds, smells, or sights that make those special moments more vivid in your mind, and then find a creative way to share your love story at the wedding.

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