How To Choose Bridesmaids Dresses They’ll Love

Bridesmaids dresses are notorious for being weird or ugly, but yours can be the exception to the rule. Fortunately, modern designers have supplied a vast array of beautiful options, so your odds of finding a style that pleases all the girls are fairly good. Here are a few key qualities to keep in mind as you choose the outfits for your half of the wedding party.


Most women like to buy dresses that they can wear again and again. If a dress screams “bridesmaid,” your girls will not be able to use it for other occasions; and they will have spent money on a dress they’ll wear only a few hours. That’s all right for a bride, but your bridesmaids may be in different places financially; and for some of them, spending the money on a one-time dress could be tough to swallow. As you select the dresses, consider whether or not they could be worn again, perhaps to a cocktail party, a formal event, or another wedding.


Bridesmaids come in all heights and sizes. Each one may be beautiful, but in her own unique way; so it’s up to you to find dress styles that work for everyone in your wedding party. If you’re having trouble finding one style that suits all, why not opt for different dress styles? As long as they are all the same color, or all linked by a common design element, there’s no rule that prevents you from incorporating different dress styles for the girls who are standing with you on your special day.

Forgiving for Skin Tones

Not everyone looks good in bright green or mustard yellow. When you’re selecting the color palette for your wedding, think about the skin tones of your bridesmaids. Which hues might be flattering for everyone involved? Warm colors and neutrals are generally safe choices; and if you’re struggling to find the right shade for the group, try choosing slightly different shades of the same color for each girl. For example, if your colors are blue and yellow, you could have each of your bridesmaids wear the shade of blue that best complements her skin tone.

Simple and Timeless

When bridesmaids hate their dresses, there is usually a particular element of the garments that is to blame. Maybe they have gigantic puffed sleeves, an enormous bow on the backside, or an uncomfortably low neckline. Keeping it simple, streamlined, and classic generally works well. If you choose dresses that are timeless and tasteful, with clean lines, chances are that most of your bridesmaids will be pleased with them.

Brides are busy and stressed-out, and sometimes they make poor fashion choices in the hassle of the moment. If you’re too flustered to think clearly and calmly about the bridesmaids dresses, ask the girls to weigh in. They are your best friends, after all.

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