How To Choose Shoes For Your Wedding?

How To Choose Shoes For Your Wedding
How To Choose Shoes For Your Wedding

You’ve selected the perfect wedding dress, and now it’s time to pick the right pair of beautiful shoes for your big day! From sparkling flats to sky-high heels, there are plenty of styles from which to choose. Before you start footwear shopping, check out these tips for making the right shoe selection for your big day.

Have a Flexible Budget

The budget is a significant factor for some brides, and not so much for others. However, even if you have a budget for designer footwear, don’t limit yourself to those choices. If you see a less expensive pair that you love, purchase them and put the extra shoe money towards another part of your wedding. If you’re operating on a very slim shoe budget, make sure you have enough to buy a brand-new pair of fabulous shoes. You deserve better than second-hand for your wedding day.

Try The Shoes On With Your Gown
Chances are, you’re going to be shopping for wedding shoes while you’re in everyday clothes. If you’re trying them on while wearing jeans, how can you tell if a particular pair of shoes is going to look good with your wedding dress? Some bridal stylists actually recommend purchasing a few different pairs of shoes and bringing them along to your dress fitting. You can always return the pairs that don’t go with the dress. Keep the receipts, and note any final sales or tricky return policies so you don’t get stuck with a pair of shoes you don’t want.

Break In The Shoes Before The Wedding
If you haven’t worn your wedding shoes at all before the big day, you might end up limping around in them and suffering blisters. Ideally, you should wear the shoes indoors occasionally for a few weeks before the wedding. That way, they will be broken in just enough to be comfortable. Just make sure that you wear them on carpet so you don’t accidentally scuff them before the wedding.

Allow Yourself to Change Your Mind

Don’t tie yourself to a single pair of shoes. If you wear the shoes for a bit and they are still not comfortable, be willing to give them up and purchase a different pair. If your feet are killing you all day on the day of your wedding, it can be a real distraction from the magic of the day. Instead of putting yourself through that agony because you’re in love with a specific pair of shoes, allow yourself to try additional styles if the first set doesn’t work out.

Select Pairs For The Ceremony And Reception
Many brides select two different pairs of shoes— one for the ceremony and another for the reception. If you’re planning to wear heels for the walk up the aisle, don’t switch to ballet flats for the reception if you have a long gown. Lowering the heel height may make the dress drag on the floor and trip you up. If you’d like to switch to a more comfortable shoe later in the day, keep the heights of the two pairs relatively similar. That way, your feet can stay beautiful and comfortable!

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